Billing Practices

We are different from the big firms. They require
ever-increasing income. Clients do not need
ever-increasing legal bills.

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About Our Billing Practices

Compared to other firms, we are entirely different when it comes to your money. Like many lawyers, we worked in big firms. Historically, those firms have a pyramid-like structure. Partners bring cases in, and associates work the cases. Associates want to become partners, so the pressure is on to bill more hours. Bills roll up. Over time, the partner stops working cases. The bill is huge and only the associate knows anything about the case, but he has no trial experience, so the partner, who knows little about the case, tries the case.

The old-style law firm no longer works. Clients are entitled to efficiency, and the lawyer’s interests should not be secondary to the client’s interest. It isn’t the client’s responsibility to feed the lawyer; it’s the lawyer’s responsibility to serve the client. While the rule is old as time, it’s often forgotten.

We are different. We will not waste your time or money. Whether a case can be won is usually known very early, and we will make that determination very early. We also make the following promises:

You will never see a bill for unnecessary work, and you will always have the final say as to what is necessary;

You will never see a bill for researching the law. Lawyers have an ethical responsibility to know the law. Educating a lawyer is not your responsibility.

You will never see a bill for talking to you. We have an ethical responsibility to talk to clients. That doesn’t mean you have an obligation to pay us to fulfill that obligation. The whole idea is silly. We will only be paid for legal work. Talking to you or your employees about the case is not legal work.

We will never skew the value of a case to make us look good in the end, and our evaluations will always be honest. This is another silly practice. Lawyers inflate or deflate the potential for damages in a case to make themselves look better. When the value is manipulated, no client is served.

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