It’s no secret that most civil cases do not go to trial. Most cases are settled. Only if they are not settled, or dismissed, are they tried. Trial lawyers with experience are more important than ever because fewer lawyers have the opportunity to try cases before civil juries. All lawyers went to law school, but not all belong in court. The prospect for trial is frightening for many lawyers, particularly if trial is not their normal activity or if a case is headed to federal court. If your lawyer doesn’t try cases, it affects the ability to settle cases favorably because there is no threat of trial. The other lawyers know whether your lawyer can try the case, and use that knowledge to advantage. Whether your lawyer can try the case has a definite impact on the case, whether it is tried or settled.

The same applies to appeals. The other side knows whether a lawyer is able to handle the rigors and rules of appellate courts. We can, and more importantly, we actually do. We successfully handled appeals in most Florida appellate courts, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. We are particularly proud of the last, as very few private practice lawyers have the opportunity to appear in the Supreme Court. Of course, we are different—we have appeared in the Supreme Court, and more than once.

Our cases speak for us:

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